Teachers' Guide | Graduate School of Life Sciences

Practical / financial / regulatory affairs

Practical matters

There are a number of practical issues that need to be sorted well in advance to the actual dates that the course is being taught to ensure the smooth progression of all processes. These include having a Solis-id, UU Teams account, access to Blackboard, scheduling educational rooms, and booking teaching equipment. 

General data protection regulation

As a teacher you frequently handle personal data of students, like contact information and grades. We want to handle these data carefully because privacy matters and by law, according to the general data protection regulation (GDPR), we are obliged to take this into account under penalty of a fine.

Some basic rules to adhere:

  • e-mail groups in BCC;
  • use OSIRIS, the ULearning platform or the Grade Center of Blackboard to share grades securely;
  • social media (including WhatsApp) are not allowed to communicate with students.

Do you suspect a data breach? Immediately report this to CERT. By sending an email to cert@uu.nl or (in urgent situations) by calling (030) 253 5959.

On the UU Intranet you can find more information about privacy related topics (login with your Solis-id). More information can be found about on this site about sharing course participants information. Furthermore, this article on the privacy of students nicely sums up the do’s and don’ts for teachers.


A Solis-id is needed to provide access to OSIRIS and Blackboard. If you work at the Faculty of Science or Veterinary Sciences, you automatically receive a Solis-id and password when you are appointed at the UU. If you work at UMCU, you can arrange a Solis-id for teachers.

Find more information on this site about how to apply for a Solis-id at the UMCU.

UU Teams account (for UMCU employees)

In order to use an online Teams environment for your course as a UU teacher employed at UMCU, you need to have UU Teams account. To request this account, please send an e-mail with your Solis-id and the e-mail address you would like to use for this account to dr. Michiel Kroes at coursinformationgsls@umcutrecht.nl.


You can login with your Solid-id and password via uu.blackboard.com. There are also UU user manuals available on how to use Blackboard.

Depending on the faculty where the course will be taught you can contact:

Reserving teaching rooms

A teaching room has to be requested in due time, sometimes up to 10 months in advance. Scheduling is done per educational period, meaning that if your course extends over multiple periods, there can also be multiple deadlines for requesting rooms.

The process and contact persons depend on the organizing faculty and the Master’s programme (Biomedical Sciences or Biosciences). For general questions you can contact the policy team at courseinformationGSLS@umcutrecht.nl. They can always point you in the right direction.  

Booking teaching equipment

HvdB Building / UMC Utrecht

If your lecture requires teaching equipment (e.g. a flipover, a microphone), send your request to amanuensis via amanuensis@umcutrecht.nl at least one week before your lecture. 

Utrecht University

If your lecture requires teaching equipment (e.g. a flipover, a microphone), send your request to the Facilities Service Centre (FSC) of the UU or call the FSC Service Desk via 030-253 95 95 (available from Monday to Thursday from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm and on Friday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm).


More information will follow soon.

Compensation / payment

Utrecht University finances faculties for education based on credits (EC). Payment for courses/projects of which the results (and credits) are registered at another faculty depends on specific arrangements between those faculties. Each faculty divides the money to departments/groups based on its own internal model. This model also determines the payment for courses/projects within the own faculty. 

Contact persons:

Faculty of Medicine: prof. dr. H.V.M. van Rijen
Faculty of Science: dr. C.J.F. de Wolf
Faculty of Veterinary Sciences: drs. M.C.E. Mensink

Rules and regulations

The Education and Examination Regulations contain the programme-specific rights and obligations of students on the one hand, and Utrecht University on the other. These regulations apply to the education, tests and the examination of the GSLS Master’s programmes.