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For the online development and provision of GSLS education, it has been possible to use the Lifelong Learning platform since June 2020. As of April 19, 2022, the name of the platform has changed to ULearning. ULearning is an online learning environment that allows you to design your blended or fully online course in a structured and user-friendly manner. There is a wide choice of learning activities available for an activating and scalable didactic design. All learning activities are accommodated in the course environment: students can work independently with interactive content, collaborate on group assignments, and can get referred to online meetings in Teams or face-to-face meetings on campus.

Watch the video of Harold van Rijen in which he shares the ambition of the GSLS on digital education:

Support organisation

Excited to use ULearning for your education? We are here to help you get started!

In UMCU’s education center, the Technology Enhanced Learning department provides didactic and technical support for the design and development of online and blended education in ULearning. You can contact ULearning-support@uu.nl directly for advice or to make an appointment for an intake interview.

For support within the faculty of Science, you can send an email to science.educate-it@uu.nl for advice or an intake interview.

Would you like to request a course environment in ULearning to start building your course, do you have a general question or a acute technical problem, please send an e-mail to ULearning-support@uu.nl.

Support in MS Teams

We have set up a MS Teams environment. Use this link to request acces Click here, or if you encounter any problems please contact ULearning-support@uu.nl Here you can interact with other users, participate in demos and walk-in sessions, and share your own experiences with ULearning.

In addition, you can learn about the support teams and tools, good practices, tips on using the platform, answers to frequently asked questions and support in interpreting data about your students.

Support tools

To best assist you, we developed several support tools for designing, developing, and building your course on ULearning.

GSLS step-by-step guide to course design

In this step-by-step guide (see Designing courses) you will design a new course or redesign an existing course. You will formulate your course aim, learning outcomes, assessment and feedback methods and learning activities. You think about which learning activities you like to do online and which face-to-face.

Choose your course template

To develop your online or blended course on ULearning, you first have to select a course template that fits your education best. Using the selection tool in this module, you choose the right template for your course.
Sign-up link to ‘How to design my education on ULearning.

ULearning Manual

There is a Course Development Manual for ULearning. You can find a lot of useful information to develop your course. Use this link to enroll yourself in the manual


– Get to know the support teams and tools: Infographic Overview support  (PDF)
– Blackboard or ULearning? Learn about the similarities and what ULearning has more to offer: Infographic Blackboard or ULearning? (PDF)
– The infographic introduces you to data reports in ULearning. In Teams > Learning analytics, you’ll find a Wiki where questions about student progress and course improvement are linked to the available data reports: Infographic Learning Analytics in ULearning (PDF)