Teachers' Guide | Graduate School of Life Sciences

Advice and contacts

Educational matters

Are you interested in learning more about didactics or educational science? Please have a look at the available training for teachers.

For information about designing, developing and teaching online or blended education you can go to online and blended education.

Course assessment matters

The Assessment Support Panel (ASP) is part of the Board of Examiners and is responsible for the quality of assessment. The ASP advises on and monitors assessment quality, for which they use the GSLS assessment policy plan as a basis. In addition, the ASP aims to be a low-threshold committee for questions concerning any kind of assessment-related topic.

The ASP can help you with assessment related problems or questions, e.g. advise on the choosing the right set up of assessment procedures, making assessment matrices, grading written assignments, and developing rubrics. You can contact the ASP via e-mail.

Organisational or procedural matters

If you have any questions about organizational or procedural aspects (course format, assessment matrix, OSIRIS), please contact the policy team of Biomedical Sciences or the policy team of Biosciences.