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Example disclosure agreements

AI disclosure agreement for assignments

This course permits the use of GenAI tools for […fill in…]; however, it is imperative that all artificially generated material is explicitly identified. Upon submission of your assignment, you are required to disclose the extent to which these tools were employed (e.g., Chat-GPT, Bard, etc.). Any material generated by GenAI must be properly cited, indicating the model source in parentheses or a footnote. At the end of your paper please include the following statement. Failure to adequately disclose your GenAI use will be dealt with in the same away as fraud.

This paper used (did not use) GenAI for the following components: Choose none to all of the following: brainstorming, outlining, sentence generation, study design, editing, or other (when other please provide a description of use).

AI disclosure agreement for courses

Generative AI (GenAI) can be used during this course for [… fill in…]. Learning to use GenAI tools is an emerging skill, therefore, please use the resources provided by the university to improve your proficiency with these tools. If you have any questions regarding how and when to use GenAI, feel free to consult your teachers. It is important to bear in mind the following limitations:

  • The quality of the results generated by GenAI relies on the quality of your prompts. Learning to successfully craft high-quality prompts requires practice.
  • Exercise caution and avoid placing complete trust in the results produced by GenAI. Always verify any output with another reliable source.
  • Acknowledge your use of GenAI, this can be done by including a paragraph at the bottom of an assignment that explains what you used GenAI for. Failure to disclose this information is in violation of academic guidelines.
  • Be thoughtful about when GenAI is useful. Avoid using it if it is not appropriate for the specific case or circumstance.